SPIDERS & SNAKES “Public Enemy #1” from the album London Daze (copyright 2014 Sansei Records). Written by Lizzie Grey & Nikki Sixx. Buy the CD at http://www.spidersandsnakes.com or download the song or the entire album at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/london-daze/id103038181


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  1. I was a Punk Rock kid when I happened upon this show at the Troub in 1996 or 97. Like all "true" Punk Rockers I had a healthy collection of glitter records (Bowie, Sweet, Mott, T-Rex, blah, blah, blah) and was a huge fan of old Los Angeles acts like The Quick, The Sparks, Jobriath, and Zolar-X. I walked around feeling like I was too young and had missed everything. To discover Spiders & Snakes on this night was a true blessing…..a super good thing for a young kid. I didn't know about the Lizzie/ Motley Crue connection at the time nor did I give a shit. THIS was the band for me regardless of who jammed with who or whatever. Lizzie and Timmy brought back some much needed color to the Hollywood scene and made it fun. I appreciate them so much.

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