Spit Syndicate-Contour Lines (Ft. Solo) (EXILE)

Another one of my favourite tracks of exile chorus is freakin awesome.


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  1. Some of the most gorgeous lyrics in Aus hip hop.

    "When the incensed burned, I used to love it here.
    You live and you learn if you're given reprieve.
    Still the pain stays on like the very same song
    you used to push repeat on to put me to sleep.
    She screams, "Leave me here, go ahead, go ahead and leave me"
    She wept a well of forever. The letter reads,
    "You are not allowed to just in-and-out however you please",
    she's tired and I'm trying to set her free".

  2. If any one has the piano score for at least the intro would they please direct me to it? It is stuck in my head and I really want to learn it!

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