Spoonie Gee – Love Rap

Old school classic and in my top 10 rap favourites of all time.


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  1. Spoonie was rappin to the ladies, but he was also schoolin dudes not to get played by them. Even when he was wooing the girl, he did it with CLASS WITHOUT CURSING! Sad how Hip-Hop and boys today fails to do that today…

  2. I love this old rap. It's the real deal original rap. I like the fact that I can play it when my family and grand kids are around! It's not all filth.

  3. Amazing thing for me is how much from beginning to end the music sounds like a Beastie Boys track. As someone who grew up with the B Boys, but not with this music, I have to say now looking back that the B Boys were true to the art. Carriers of the torch, for real. Instead of being disillusioned because they were basically doing what this guy did all over again, I'm proud that they did it so well. Its like heritage. Roots.

  4. Every hip hop DJ back then always had 2 of these so that they could cut the beginning break of this record for MCs to rhyme. Back then we called it rhyming not rapping, rapping was something you did when you were picking up women.

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