Stay Tuned Ep. #24: GOODZ Funk Flex Freestyle REACTION!

The boy Half a Gallon Goodz stopped by HOT97 and dropped a wild Freestyle. Watch with me as I react to the bars!! Hope you enjoy!
If you got any recommendations of artists I should check out…drop it in the comments below, I’m always looking for dope new artists to check out.

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Comment (19)

  1. Goodz wouldve been great had he came out in 1982. But with them lines he spitting today he's just so average,uninspiring, done and said before , cant move you. Flex reaction says it all. And this guy is stupid gassing them lame corny lines.

  2. Bro you trasher than goodz Cass bodied that man barz is back Cass the 🐐 5002-0 we already buried goodz ate good at the wake hugged his mom's 🙏 blew some crud got drunk let that man rest in peace 💯 fuck nigga you sound stupid

  3. GOODZ is almost 40yrs old; still talking about the cool table. So if a plane takes off, no seat belt. If a plane is landing and stops no seat belt; STUPID [email protected] HONEY I shrunk the bank; basic and a old analogy. His rap was not cohesive. IT MADE NO SENSE. GOODZ bars are all Isolated.

  4. First thing I like to say is that Crip walking on his crash car that's not fire at all first he from New York. he's not a Crip so why would he be Crip walking on somebody's crash car And that crash happened how long ago so that's outdated bars and plus he's gossiping like a girl again because he talkin about Cass living with his mama moving to Atlanta having no facts and so what he moved to Atlanta a lot of rappers move to Atlanta and then you know he was not fire because when you come on Funkmaster Flex and flex don't give no ad-libs or no reaction to what you're saying there's no way you did anything considered to be fire y'all gotta stop gassing Goods up just cuz he from New York I'm a native New Yorker straight from the Bronx I don't live there no more but I know the difference between Fire lyrics and basic shitt Goods his rhymes with basic! And last thing you have the right to have an opinion that goods won but your opinion disqualifies you to judge someone would fire lyrics because it seems as though you don't know what lyrics truly are lyrically Goods on that stage did not beat Cassidy and that's what a battle truly is lyrical Warfare and lyrically goods lost ! Cassidy 5002- 0

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