Stephen Marley Rude Bwoy ft. Damian Marley, Julian Marley, Jo Mersa


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  1. 🚠✈🚠✈free em blue light hokie pokie Jokie gist in this bwoy track and it feel like I came in 2 hours before I originally came from the bustle and this shit 🚠✈🚠✈🚠✈🚠✈simply mean business!!!!!

  2. 🚡🚢🚡🚢🚡🚢🚡🚢🚡🚢🚡🚢Babylon men really feeling free like there ain't need for narcotics because I fucking African and don't believe in giving proper beef for such diamond suckers like those who don't trust these sensie herb no real players though singing reggae these days like in ma time.

  3. Bad boys are nuts to this World..Rasta Live🌛💛I've met all the Singers on this track many times❤💛❤💛❤💛❤

  4. l've met all of the singers on here many times..Spent 2wks with Black Am l last May in Jamaica..Saw him since & before..Met him July 2017 & he ask me to come back..Did last Feb & this Feb..Marleys are coming to my house because they all like me as a new freind..Allways Rasta Live..Been Jamaica 9 times..Stephen Marley..🌜🎵🌙🎵🌛

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