stevie wonder/evil

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  1. engulfed hearts, destroyed minds, infest our purest thought with hatred, stolen sooo much luv leavin, everyone's emotions lost and wandering free, evil, why have you taken over god's children's eyes, eeeeev8, b4 they could really grow to see, that your way, is not the way, to make, life what it should be EEEEVAAAAIL, y have u D-stroyed so much of dis doggone world, y have u broken homes, leeeeeeeEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAVIIIIIIN #sweetlove #allone #anoutcast #oftheworld

  2. Thank you EY TEE EL (ATL) for showing me these 2 beautiful Mr. Wonder songs –"Little Girl", "Evil". I thought I heard all of Stevie Wonder songs but I was wrong. Can't wait for Season3 to discover more great jams!!

  3. Atlanta has opened parts of me I had no idea were in me. Such a moving song to a moving ending. Donald is genius. LaKeith is amazing in this. Much success to all the cast. Best show I have seen in so very long. Peace.

  4. My Goodness! I wasn't expecting to see an episode of ATL that was a horror movie; and while I love Stevie Wonder I don't really want to hear this song again. I need to see and hear something with happy energy after this.

  5. I binge watched "Atlanta" and after every episode there was something to look up! Like this Stevie so g i haven't heard in years and Sammy Sosa Hat. Nah, for real, Google it!.

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