Stretch and Bobbito – A Tribe Called Quest 1996 (restored)

Stretch and Bobbito – A Tribe Called Quest 1996 (restored)

Stretch and Bobbito – A Tribe Called Quest summer of 1996


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  1. Oh Yeah One More Thing. Salute To Dj Stretch Armstrong And Bobbito Cucumber Slice Garcia. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 if it wasnt for guys this hiphop underground radio station would never happen. If I wasnt for them. I wish I was like them. On the radio with them I would've been really kool b. Talking Mad Funny Shit. Prank Calling People's, Cutting ass on each other.

  2. Yo I was born in 91. And when I heard this type of similar instrumental that boom bap. I loved it. It started in 95 I loved it, the beat the snare, high hat, bass, that's when I fell in love with hiphop. NYC Kid. My wish is my hero musix producers could teach me how to do that music production which are dj premier, q-tip, ali shahid Mohammed, large professor, pete rock, i love music so fucking much more than anything in the world. Ahhh

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