Styles P – Yes, Lord! (Audio) (feat. Iman)

Styles P – Yes, Lord! (Audio) (feat. Iman)

From the album “PRESENCE”. Out now!

#StylesP #PRESENCE #ThePhantomEntertainment

Official Audio by Styles P from the album “PRESENCE” © 2019 The Phantom Entertainment LLC / EMPIRE



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Comment (37)

  1. I call myself Holiday cause I was born on Thanksgiving 11-28-74 naturally I break bread with the niguhz was ghetto and pour. Salute you Brah!!!! Happy BornDay!!!!!!! Here's why they call me the GHOST!!!!!!!

  2. Confined to it
    Truth you blind to it
    Stuck wanna make it out
    So i grind to it
    Til im stilff n filled wit balmin fluid
    Prayin i send my kids thru it
    Stories from Ogs that blew it
    Shit i say the truest
    16 i was truant
    Runnin the trap fluent

  3. Feeling the lyrics of this one in my bones!

    "I indulged in the dirt, yeah I earned my mess,
    And I hurt a lot of people, I deserve my stress,
    Showed a lot of people my worst who preferred my best,"

  4. "All these *iggas see is my brake lights, use to the dark, I never come with a safe light, it goes wrong it goes wrong, I know that my faith right"

    – "The Ghost 👻"

  5. This song gives me the chills takes me to another universe man I swear. Been a styles fan since Gangsta and a Gentlemen. I was 11 years old when I first heard "I get high" now I'm 30 and I always argue with whoever with Styles P being my top 5 DOA…. Praise to the most high for SP!!!!!

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