stzzy. – last days of summer (lofi hip-hop mix)

last days of summer:

A mix of some hand picked songs i thought i’d share that aren’t on any particular tape.

0:00 sophie meiers – wish you still felt this way (
2:27 bonsai child – luvloop (
4:33 jinsang – hydrate (
6:35 sophie meiers – songs to smoke cigarettes to : part I [ sophie meiers x rockinpetas ] (
10:17 know one – gimmie my money (
13:28 walterwarm – getaway (
14:32 jinsang – bliss // perceptionz (
17:19 eevee – still thinking of you (
18:33 matissmo – wrd (
21:07 matissmo – for u (

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  1. It's been two years Steezy, hope youve been doin well brother. Your channel helped me pull myself out of a hole and realize the love that exists even in an empty home. Still learning to love myself… But I'll get there. Without a doubt HAH late night feels

  2. I still remembered this was the first album that listened to in your channel. I subscribed right away and did not regret since then. this channel needs to blow up more

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