a great khmer oldies song adapted from the original American song “sugar sugar” ENJOY!!


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  1. before Pol Pot Cambodia was normal country
    people dance r'n'r …… swim on ocean in bikini , sailing on boats, take shower naked ……
    streets was clean and people know how to drive
     khmer cousine was rich and tasty
    today we have only shit ……. red khmers kill ALL culture

  2. five years later all the people involved in this song and video where told to "come with us – you will produce rice else sing propaganda songs for Angkar", this meant the khmer rouge killed them for being "supporters of the imperialist (lon nol) dog" and "being bourgeious" i doubt any of those in the video (singing, playing an instrument or appearing in the video) lived beyond 1978.

  3. បទៈ "អ្នកណាគ្មានស្នេហ៍" Nak Na Khmean Snaeh
    Cover of the song called "Sugar Sugar" by The Archies (1969)

  4. piruous nass loork euy piruous nass loork euy!!

    long live grand master samouth!!

    what, he's already passed away, painfully murdered by poor puok AHH SATT DE-RI-CHHARN TOO-RA-YUOUS khmer kror-horm the khmer rouge evil beasts ahh pol pot, ahh ieng sary, & ahh khieu samphorn?? d'ohh!!


    long live grand master samouth's music!!

    in phnom penh on 5 or 6 aug 2014, ahh khieu samphorn & ahh duch were sentenced 2 life in jail. they showed no sign of remorse whatsoever. the canadian television broadcaster CTV broadcast this news in at least 2 different newscasts. 1 newscast said they're the only 2 survivors of the khmer rouge leadership durin' whose reign of terror of cambodia in the 1970s 2 million people were killed. the other newscast said the same thing plus "that's a quarter of the population". more accurately it's a third of the population.

    the trial of these 2 evil beasts was initiated, administered, & financed by the United Nations, who charged them with crime against humanity.

  5. That girl is so elegant, especially with that bottle figure of hers. Not to mention graceful, as demonstrated by the way she ascended the stairs. Why can't all females be like this?

    Although I speak not a word of Khmer, I wouldn't be suprised that it would be a well written re-write. He must be a good storyteller.

  6. Scopitones: 1) In the 1940s, there were film jukeboxes in the USA which showed a short 16mm movie on a screen to accompany a song. These were called "Soundies".

    2) In the early 1960s, a similar machine was manufactured in France, which was called a Scopitone.

  7. A way of life that was doomed – as seen in the film, and as heard in the song. The Khmer Rouge would destroy all of this soon after.

  8. I love this song very much. I like drum beat, guitar chords and rhythm of songs. It is an original one of hundreds. Thx for loading it

  9. @sivhengu

    Yes everybody in high ranking were busy having fun, no wonder that the country collapsed! I'm not saying they couldn't have fun but there are artists to make people enjoy life and there are those to lead the country. I won't write my thoughts on this topic because I wouldn't stop.

  10. It's Saksy-Sbong and General Nhek Choulong. Borey Chou Long (in Sihanouk ville) was name after him. it seemed like every body in high ranking officials were busy making movie in those times.

  11. Very beautiful voice for a male. Cambodia was so beautiful and modern. But that fuckin loser Pol Pot ruined everything. Yes Cambodia had many smart and succesful men and women, but he killed them all out of envy.

  12. haha its ok. English is a pretty tough language to learn. gosh I'm still having some trouble with it, even though i learned English at a very young age. =(

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