Summer Chill Mix – Lofi Hip Hop Mix

Welcome, my dear friends 🖤

Beats to relax/study to



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⭕Tracklist :
00:00 Elijah Lee – Lazy morning
02:59 Elijah Lee – Dreamy
06:30 mr. hong – december 1 (feat. mie)
10:33 mr.hong – february 25, 2018
14:31 R.E.G! – Sunset Vibes
16:52 lovelord – i wish it would snow.
17:52 eiffe – this is different
20:16 Elijah Lee – Her and I
23:40 SubTrailss – Campfire
26:24 kris – love note.
28:25 gal.exe – slow jam in the virtual world

⭕Support Artist:
Elijah Lee

mr. hong






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  1. I do have to say it is very rewarding to see so many that enjoy to watch what I post,so for you almost 70,000…THANK YOU a milion times! <3

  2. Damn, i remember everlasting summer was the first dating game i ever played, I went through the game twice and both endings resulted in no relationship… it was a lonely time

  3. You come home from work, 4pm in the afternoon towards the end of summer. You're exhausted, so you head to your bath and fill it with boiling water, you slowly take a dip and take a few moments to adjust, finally relaxing. After an hour or so you get out and change into your soft pyjamas, it's 5pm, you put your hair in a messy bun and your a book with a hot mug of tea with cookies. You walk out onto your balcony to see the sun is setting, you sit down and take in the view, you see a bunch of buildings, but not too far you see a park in the center, and see that the cool winds are making the green and orange leaves blow all around the small city, indicating that it's almost autumn.

    You read your book peacefully as you hear blackbirds chirping away their calming melodies. As the sun sets you finish your book, you notice that the sun has set, and the stars have come out to say hello. you gaze upon the clear night sky, and as you're slowly drifting off into a deep sleep, your loved one comes out to the balcony to put a cozy, fluffy and warm blanket on you, he sits across from you to let you have a sense of safety and love nearby.


  4. Why would You put Rusian comunism symbol on her shirt? Why didn't You use swastica? Is it not enough violent for calm music? Rusian communists? Seriosly?
    C'mon mam

  5. This. This is why I am a subscriber. So relaxing and and such an easy way to just simply be, unwind and end the day with some relaxing music. (btw I have that shirt. Its from the moscow olympics. It says moscow in cyrillic on the back with 1980 below it. Russian sizes are totally different from US sizes too lol 🙂

  6. yes omg I love this mix and I rarely ever enjoy complete mixes that are longer than 10 minutes but this worked great for my taste <3333 please do more of these chill mixes~~~~

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