Sway SXSW Takeover: 3D Na’Tee dropped an ill acapella freestyle on Sway In The Morning

New Orleans’ upcoming shining star, 3D Na’Tee dropped a few metaphorically ill bars on Sway In The Morning.

Peep the full-article: http://swaysuniverse.com/3d-natee-freestyle

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  1. I wonder what that girl said to heather B.. I don't trust them two together, always talking about people behind their backs…

    She said something and heather looked at na'tee's ass..

  2. WOW! Not Only Is She A Beautiful Woman, But She's an Actual BARbarian! HOT DAMN……Q TIP said it on Check The Rhyme This Music Industry Is Shady as Hell.This is What it's all about someone who could actually Rap. Anyone can Rhyme but Fuck It XXL needs to Nominate her this Year for Real Skill To the Third Power Much Respect 3D…..

  3. My homie told me I need to check for her and admittedly I haven't yet but after seeing this I need to go ahead and do that. She supports Queen of the Ring too so she's good with me. Dope.

  4. This is a woman. Please refrain from calling her a garden tool "hoe" rolls eyes Anyways, I wanted to hear more but let me subscribe to her channel real quick…

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