Sweeney – Lost His Way [LIVE SESSIONS] – IRM TV

Dublin artist, Sweeney, gives us a live premier of his new song ”Lost His Way”

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Filmed and Edited by Paddy Galloway

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Comment (22)

  1. A prime example of it doesn't matter what colour you are in rap . This guys black and easily one of the worst I've ever heard 😂😂😂😂.

  2. Trying to figure out if this sounds like he’s putting an accent on or not ? I really don’t know 💁🏻‍♀️ I’m from Scotland 😂

  3. This is totally embarrassing.

    The lyrics are poor – basically just bars of vague self-pity. It's fucking boring. The rhymes aren't creative at all. Generic and boring, yet he seems so self-satisfied.

    I am not convinced at all by his story. I feel like anyone could have written this really. His accent is totally contrived – he's speaking in an American accent.

    The Internet has sadly given kids like this hope. He would be must better off getting a job in Lidl and just living a normal life but he's convinced himself he's not just a normal bloke and has some sort of artistic depth, when really he's just a moderately talented karaoke rapper.

    Seriously embarrassing for this channel. I hope he paid you and you haven't taken time out of your day to shoot and edit.

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