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  1. then we can be in Switzerland we are not far from the ghetto, but we also have difficult social neighborhoods like Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva, Basel or Bern! We have a youth who loves hip hop and expresses, we don’t have the same realities as in France or USA, we are victims of these clichés on watches, banks and chocolate! Switzerland is not only that, it is also urban, full of different culture from Kosovo, Africa, or Turkey, as well as Portugal and Spain and Italy for the most part. Let me tell you, unlike the United States, our young people are not slave or colony. Switzerland has 820 years of history and much more, the USA is barely 400 years of pseudo history built on slavery and slaughter on Native Americans! so let’s also express the young people of Europe who also have things to say, hip hop n' belongs not only to the USA!!!!!!

  2. alors peut être en suisse on à pas de ghetto, mais on a des quartiers social difficile aussi comme à Zurich, Lausanne, Genève, Basel ou Bern! On a une jeunesse qui aime le hip hop et qui s exprime, on a pas les mêmes réalités que en France ou USA, on est victime de ces clichés sur les montres, les banques et le chocolat ! non la Suisse c est pas que cela, c' est aussi urbain, bourré de culture différente du Kosovo, d Afrique, ou de Turquie ainsi que Portugal et Espagne et Italie pour la plus part de ces jeunes. Laisse- moi te dire que contrairement aux USA , nos jeunes sont pas issu d esclave ou de colonie. La Suisse a 820 ans d histoire et bien plus, les USA c est à peine 400 ans de pseudo histoire construit sur l esclavage et le massacre sur les amérindiens ! alors laissez s exprimer aussi les jeunes de l Europe qui ont aussi des choses à dire, le hip hop n' appartient pas que aux USA !!!!!!!

  3. Gotta laugh at all of these swiss youths trying to be edgy and act like their towns/cities/hoods are ghettos like here in America, when the fact is, they all probably live fairly decent lives with little struggle, good hope for employment, and great social services. That said I will trade citizenship with any one of them and they can try and act ghetto here in America, because they have it way better than a lot of people here in the US, where the real ghettos exist.
    The Swiss Government should pass a law banning all rapping in areas not considered ghetto, which would discount 99% of these places, except for Geneva maybe, and Chiasso since that guy had nice flow, and didn't have screaming youths trying to act edgy in the background. Also Rapperswil should get an exception because of the town name.

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