Swollen Members – Bring Me Down featurin Saigon

Music Video for Bring Me Down (Swollen Mix) performed by Swollen Members Featuring Saigon from the album Dagger Mouth. © 2011 Battle Axe Records / Suburban Noize Records

Swollen Members Bring Me Down
Featuring Saigon
Produced by DJ Corbett
Album Dagger Mouth

[Intro: Saigon]
You ever get the feelin
No matter what they do, no matter what they say
Know you’ll make it, some day

[Hook: Saigon – singing]
They’ll say I’m a killer
I feel I’m as high as I can be
And now they gon’ die as high as me
I can’t be no realer
Y’all ain’t gon’ bring me down [3X]
I can’t be no realer; y’all ain’t gon’ bring me down

You know the feelin when your back is up against in the wall
People say that they love you but you ain’t convinced at all
Tell ’em they full of shit and they’ll tell you you’re insecure
Calling you immature, does that make sense to y’all?
You ever feel like it’s you against the whole world?
Like everybody is schemin even your own girl
Your homeboy seem to be countin your money
Tell em you ain’t got it and he lookin at you funny
I’m feeling like I probably need to either leave the game alone
Or either be the G to bang the chrome to get his name known
How does the Saigon story end? How?
Know what they’re sayin for now?


[Mad Child]
When Mad Child step on stage, I cause hysteria
Now they won’t let my crazy ass back in America
Eagle labeled me as an illegal evil immigrant
I’m far beyond the magic of a wand inside a wizard’s fist
Sharper than the hand of Edward Scissor’s, I’m a wiz at this
Hotter than the desert but I’m colder than a blizzard kid
Harder than a prison bid, with God I’m never hesitant
My business it isn’t as amazin as it’s ever been
As long as God allows me to be clever it will never end
Sharpen up my axe and I am back, I’m here to sever heads
Compulsive obsessive, I’m also aggressive
My mouth is the message, my life is a lesson, my pulse is a blessing


If there’s Hell below we’re all gonna go; yo Curtis Mayfield
God and the devil still tryin to level the playin field
Some people sayin that this life is all about free will
I’d rather have free rent, and never pay these bills
That’s why I’m thankful every day that I’m blessed with these skills
And Mad is still alive after swallowin all those pills
I ride for Saigon, New York to the Hollywood Hills
(The Greatest Story Never Told) is now yours to reveal
I feel like helium balloons are stuck up on the ceilin
Trying to make that breakthrough before I catch deflated feelings
Dying with a heart full of regrets is not amazing either
I’ll just see the gatekeeper, or you meet the Grim Reaper


Swollen Members Bring Me Down Lyrics


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Comment (36)

  1. 🍩 bring me down unless you're all willing to brave the depths. I purrfer to meet in the middle cuzz if we keep going all the way, we just end up on the other side. When your light points forward & you know yourself, you learn to take Baby steps, when dealing with an achey breaky heart. MadChild has been putting in the most effort to wu me. He's a scardy cat, Prevail or Moka Only wanna hold his hand if he needs help going on a play date???

  2. I just left a meeting over half filled with my haters, made no eye contact with the furious, got love from the ones that mattered, and walked out Gee. I was chin down af on my way there, sweating, then found this track. Next thing I know, chin up, with the right amount of "fuck you", walked out winning. Let um hate😎

  3. with how ill S&M are, with how dope Saigon can be (spitting tho, not singing hooks)…THIS JOINT IS EFFIN TERRIBLE, ALONG WITH MOST OF THE COMMERCIAL-SOUNDING, OPIOID-FUELED SHANE ON S&M'S WORST ALBUM – 'ARMED TO THE TEETH(ING)'. i think there was 3 joints on that album that still sounded like them. i was done checking for their new stuff until 'Dagger Mouth' redeemed them (opioid-free madchild), & then 'BEAUTIFUL DEATH MACHINE' followed by 'Brand New Day'. they were all the way back, but NOW, madchild is finally showing signs of an old, lazy brain, with a very nasil-sounding, almost a cartoon version of madchild. after his solo joint 'lawnmower man', which was ill, its been all down hill. i think his career is almost a wrap. his latest – "the darkest hour" speaks for itself. i pirated that ish, rocked it once & got rid of a free download. & thats from a clear-minded shane, but things have now come 360 degrees again, but this time its not drugs effing up everything, its just a 40+ yr old dude thats slowly losing that fresh rawness, kinda like redundant AF vinnie paz. = MURPHY's LAW.
    p.s. if madchild happens to peep this.. thanks for doing a show in NY(brooklyn) & being either so under-prepared/rehearsed or high & drunk that virtually all joints u did were stopped premature cause u forgot ur lyrics or u kept effing things up. u had no energy & it felt like u ended the show early. why would u come to nyc of all places & pull that bs. ty for also allowing your fans to think you were going to show up for your show in Quincy, MA with slaine. we werent informed until the very end of the night that the headliner wasnt showing up. & i drove like 6 hrs each way to get the shaft. with no heads up until the very end of the night.- a real snake move, by both shane & carrol. i can & will end this on a positive note – i caught the S&M show at the santos party house in nyc, & that show was soo dope. top 3 of all time.

  4. I listen to this track every morning at the gym. Madchild and Swollen Members have become a MUST play on my daily play list! 207battleaxewarriors

  5. madchild is good but needs to drop his fillers like "hotter than the desert but im colder than a blizzard, kid" i immediately thought of a better substitute and he uses kid and punks etc quite a lot. "Hotter than the desert but im colder than a blizzards kiss"

  6. great spit I listen to some wack shit well I try to spit as I lean back and take big hits to my face I fell like a disgrace but I walk at my pace with no space people always judgment they think I'm mental

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