Swollen Members – Deep End (Official Music Video)

Swollen Members “Deep End”
Bad Dreams
Battle Axe Records
Directed by Jason Goldwatch


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  1. True story. One night back in 2001 my friend and I were sitting in my apartment in San Francisco listening to this at about 9 o'clock at night. Shortly after listening to it we decided to head out and get a bite to eat. Just as we were walking up a street about two blocks from my place we passed these two guys on the sidewalk. I looked back just as we had passed them and it was Prevail and Mad Child from Swollen Members. I totally recognized them from a picture I'd seen of them. We stopped and introduced ourselves and had a chat with them. If I remember correctly they had played a show the night before and were hanging out for a few days. Weird coincidence.

  2. @kj12345671 what do you call a guy who hangs out with musicians ? a drummer lmao. the amount of haters on this site amazes me. Fuck that guy Im with you if hes not a fan then he can fuck off. to each their own.

  3. @immovable1 oh man, show some respect and clean your head out. Open your mind man!! Terrible thoughts youre bringin in here. Your music is your music and not mine, check that!!

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