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A Syd Barrett fan has discovered that a lot of the information in ALL the published biographies is wrong!
One of the most remarkable discoveries is a previously unknown live performance by Syd Barrett and his legendary band STARS on February 19th 1972. After this performance Syd only gave two more live concerts, both at Cambridge Corn Exchange on February 24th and 26th before he retired from the music scene forever!
Amazingly enough, his last performance was virtually ten years to the day after his very first performance as a member of the unknown local group “Geoff Mott and the Mottoes” on March 10th 1962.

The fan in question is Lee Wood, a resident of Cambridge since 1962 who recently put all his local knowledge in a limited edition DVD called “Syd’s Cambridge”, a tour of places in and around Cambridge associated with Syd Barrett and the roots of Pink Floyd for other fans around the world.

The DVD is part of a special box set comprising 14 different items. One of the items is a small sample of soil taken from Syd Barrett’s back garden in 2006 when the house was put up for sale. This has now caused a lot of controversy after a member of Syd Barrett’s family heard of the item and was shocked. The box set is limited to just 100 copies and each copy is individually numbered.
The Deluxe Box Set

100 copies only. Each copy individually numbered
These will NEVER be published again.

Each copy comes in a pink box set which we post in
a specially made box to protect it in the post
Order your copy here:


DVD – Syd’s Cambridge

Extra DVD – Interview with Friends of Syd

Photo’s and Details of Syd’s House

DVD footage of Syd’s house (2006)

Interview with girls at art shop where Syd bought his paints and brushes

Shine On You Crazy Diamond special wrapping paper

Copy of Book with details and Maps of Cambridge relating to Syd and Pink Floyd

Cuttings File – 1962 – 1972

Special Cambridge Postcard

Special Cambridge Bookmark

Cambridge Greetings Card with exclusive “Syd’s Bike” stamped inside

Numbered Limited Edition Certificate

PLUS – SPECIAL ITEM. A certified genuine sample of soil from Syd’s garden

The Deluxe Box Set will be posted to you
from the Post Office used by Syd
and located close to his home
order your copy now

Produced by Lee Wood: Sound Publishing
Filmed by Mike Crowe


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Comment (21)

  1. It's amazing how Syd did. Even disappearing from the world. It has enabled thousands of people to understand that you can lead a quiet life far away from the star system. You can get away from fame even if you are very young. Probably his decision was also determined by the difficult conditions of his mind, but I believe (as his sister says in an interview) that Syd simply did not find it interesting to play and make concerts anymore. I think that in a world of unselfish presence and communication, this is Syd's great lesson. Or Roger Keith Barrett. I miss a lot.

  2. 1966/7 in England was a great year in music. Between Pink Floyd and The Who. Great albums came out "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" and The Who's "Sell Out". I really enjoy playing Syd's music on guitar (using all of his techniques…especially the echo and delay sounds). Syd's music (the Piper at the Gates of Dawn) propelled Pink Floyd into stardom. In whick Pink Floyd could not find until "The Dark Side of the Moon" in 1973 (six year's after Piper and Syd not in the band anymore). RIP Roger (Syd) Barrett !!!

  3. There is no "better" Floyd, only different. Gilmour and Waters are miles ahead of Barrett as musicians and composers. Yet I like Barrett's Floyd just as much if not more. The songs that Waters and Gilmour wrote are beautiful, but to me theyre always about the same thing: Waters and Gilmour. Barrett's songs seem to carry a different vibe all together, something a lot more selfless. He might have been more detached from his ego than his fellow band mates, as a side effect of being schizophrenic.

  4. Yes, but that wasn't because Syd went away. He left on his own terms. Pipers at the gates of dawn is considered one of the best albums, or at least in the top 5.

  5. No one who appears in this video were paid to make it, it was made after the 2008 Escape Artists Syd Barrett Festival in Cambridge to put the truth across without myths attached

  6. WOW well you hold a piece of history, sort of like a holy grail if you will and it will not be reached by the few people underground musicians that would actually look syd's music up. It isn't like it would become well known to the masses, so we say Let us enjoy syd's creation and art

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