Ta-ku – I Miss You

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Comment (39)

  1. Isn't this Willow Smith??? I liked this song when I first heard, BUT, then heard on Willow Smith's collection. I guess it's Taku and Willow.. either way, good song!!

  2. The bright sun in the blue water (blue water, blue water)
    We fight less and love harder (love harder, love harder)
    You tell me that I'm the one (that I'm the one, that I'm the one)
    I tell you it's just for fun (it's just for fun, it's just for fun)
    We walk the beach at midnight (at midnight, at midnight)
    And watch the stars in the clear skies (in the clear skies, in the clear skies)
    We both say I love you (I love you, I love you)
    But it's alright (it's alright, it's alright)

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