Why Swindle Is UK’s Most Prolific Producer | No More Normal | Red Bull Music

Why Swindle Is UK’s Most Prolific Producer | No More Normal | Red Bull Music ► Subscribe to Red Bull Music: http://win.gs/SubToRedBullMusic Watch “Swindle’s No More Normal”, an inspiring film about one of UK’s rising producers and the creative process behind his new album. Swindle is the UK’s most gripping rising producer, and his latest […]

Rouge – Arumtumtum (Rudi Smit | Dance Video)

Rouge – Arumtumtum (Rudi Smit | Dance Video) BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR | The South African Music Awards 2018 #SAMA24 Rouge – Arumtumtum (Rudi Smit | Alex Fynn | Red Bull Music: FORMS | Dance Video) Itunes : https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/the… Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/6YDFmY… Deezer : http://www.deezer.com/en/album/46074992 Googleplay : https://play.google.com/store/music/a… Prod. By Mae N. Maejor/Wichi […]

Redbull Thre3style 2017 – German Finals

🇩🇪 German 3style Vice-Champ 2017 🇩🇪 M O R E : facebook.com/juizzed vimeo.com/juizzed instagram.com/juizzed (@juizzed) twitter.com/djjuizzed (@djjuizzed) soundcloud.com/juizzed mixcloud.com/juizzed vimeo.com/juizzed C O N T A C T : juizzed.net source

2018 Red Bull 3style US Finals – IFTW

Here is my 2018 Red Bull 3Style US Finals Set. Hope you enjoy it. It was a lot of fun to perform this one in front of a great Philly crowd. source

The Do-Over NZ Edition

Legendary LA party The Do-Over came to New Zealand, the home of Serato. J Rocc, DJ Day and founders Haycock and Strong were some of the first in the world to put Z-Trip’s Limited Edition Rane Sixty-Two Z through its paces. www.serato.com www.rane.com Songs: DJ Day “Beta (Recloose HIQI Edit)” (Fingertips) J Rocc “Step Right […]

頑童MJ116 feat.張震嶽 A-Yue【雙手插口袋】Official Music Video

Buy iTunes gift card https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?cl=90091&c=ib&aff=351489 Learn how to write a hit rap song 長輩常告誡我們,走路雙手不要插在口袋裡,我們總是不以為然。 雖然這是一個無禮的舉動, 也象徵著我們與這瘋狂世界有著一絲隔閡, 我們仍想保有心中最真實的靈魂不想與世俗妥協。 「每個世代的孩子總有一本難念的經」 頑童MJ116代表著這個世代的青年男女, 他們跟大家一樣渴望成功,想功成名就,想獲得大家的肯定, 但是心底卻保有那份赤子之心及初衷。 整首歌圍繞在大師兄張震嶽,短簡有力的輕快旋律中, 副歌便是取樣自他的2002年專輯中的同名歌曲”雙手插口袋”。 小提琴藝術家蘇子茵開場編寫滂沱的弦樂, 更是讓人發想出世代與世代間,融合與交替,承先啟後的意味滿溢。 頑童陳述著自己的背景與過往,以及心路歷程,未來的期許, 寫實的歌詞內容讓大家更貼近他們一些。 頑童MJ116 第二張全新專輯《FRESH GAME》限量改版 滾石購物網→http://bit.ly/1APYG2j 【數位音樂線上收聽】 ♫ iTunes下載→http://goo.gl/1FUOLR ♫ KKBOX→http://kkbox.fm/Ha0eQl ♫ myMusic 音樂在我→http://goo.gl/VBY9hT ♫ Omusic→http://goo.gl/cEYRTC ♫ iNDIEVOX→https://www.indievox.com/disc/6941 ♫ Spotify→http://goo.gl/R5EGlo 【手機鈴聲下載】 ※來電答鈴下載方式 中華:手機直撥700→按1→輸入六碼答鈴代碼 e7Play – 826609 / Ciao! – 816238 […]

Swindle & Ghetts – Drill Work

Stream / Order via https://brownswood-recordings.lnk.to/Swindle-NOMORENORMAL Drill Work is taken from the album “No More Normal” released 25th Jan 2019 http://www.nomorenormal.world Swindle teams up with grime originator Ghetts for ‘Drill Work’. Swindle and Ghetts have a long studio history together, collaborating as far back as 2007 and more recently on 2016’s ‘Works Haffi Run’. The chemistry […]

Fliptrix – Red Bull Music: Swift 16

Learn how to rap like the pros Buy iTunes gift card ORDER ‘INEXHALE’ LP/CD/TAPE: http://bit.ly/2KygvzA STREAM/DL ‘INEXHALE’: https://highfocus.lnk.to/INEXHALE Fliptrix drops by Red Bull Music Studios in London to drop a Swift 16 over a Pitch 92 beat. Subscribe to HighFocusTV and never miss another video: http://bit.ly/1xuR8Gj Fliptrix on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mrfliptrix Fliptrix on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mrfliptrix Fliptrix […]


RED BULL《UNDER THE BRIDGE》橋下CYPHER影片,頑童MJ116 E-SO、DJ Afro、小光L.C、絕情少年Barry、Trout Fresh呂士軒、Tipsy、陳星翰Starr Chen饒舌接力完成 閱讀更多:https://zeekmagazine.com/archives/79102 影片素材提供:Red Bull source

REAL HIPHOP Episodio #1 (En Español)

REAL HIPHOP presenta un documental relacionado a la cultura Hip Hop en Argentina, haciendo alucion a los 4 elementos que forman parte de la misma, como asi a historias de vida de los activistas del genero – En este primer episodio CHANGO LOGAN & DIRMRAPERS, hablaran sobre su vida dentro del Rap Hispano desde sus […]
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