Simply Red – Holding Back The Years (1986)

Simply Red – Holding Back The Years(Music Video) “Holding Back the Years” is the 7th track on Simply Red’s debut studio album Picture Book. The song was a huge success for the group and quickly rose to the top of charts across the world. The single is one of two Simply Red songs, the other […]


RAINING IN NAGOYA Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix Sleep & Rain mix ☔ Listen to more Rain mixes here – Tracklist: 0:00 greenface – I love you 2:01 RONINCLOUD – Grey 4:34 Ooi🌜 – н є у 6:51 Kr0w – Ikari 9:21 kanisan – romance (ft. mau) 10:48 aarigod – Dream Sign 13:05 Gilbeaux – Recall […]

Pele L. – ” SHE ” feat. Tuju K-Clique (Official Audio)

” S H E ” Listen at Spotify : “SHE” serves as an anthem for the ladies that have been holding it down. Listen to the words of despair through the song and indulge the sorrowfulness. An official music video, directed by the one and only ATG (@longliveatg) is set to be released on […]

Your Song – Elton John (Janet Devlin Cover)

Same song but almost 8 years later. It’s been heavily requested that I do a remake, so I hope you enjoy! I ended up with a half hour to spare in metropolis studios the other day so myself and Roo decided to see how much of the song we could remember. We haven’t played it […]

monvmi – 2worlds feat. TOKYOTRILL, BBY NABE (Official Video)

Lyrics: monvmi, TOKYO TRILL, BBY NABE FIlm: Kenya Kani SNS monvmi Instagram: Twitter: Tweets by monamibrown TOKYOTRILL Instagram: Twitter BBY NABE Instagram: Twitter Tweets by bbynabe source

Ouse – Starlight

Artist: Ouse Song Name: Starlight Description: Ouse – Starlight is a simply incredible sad chill song from the Icelandic artist. Enjoy! Artist Social Networks: Tweets by OuseOfficial Support Promoting Sounds: Tweets by PromotingSounds Promoting Sounds is a curation channel with aims to display the best sad trap, sad chill, emo rap […]


RAINING IN NEW ORLEANS Sad/Chill mix Lofi & Vaporwave mix Tracklist: 0:00 High Noon Rush – Kane 2:51 H.1 – Fragments 5:24 equity slate – your feelings are more important than mine 8:14 Sal Dulu – Duluoz Dream 11:59 Essence🌹 – it was never me. 14:02 beowulf -i’m in love with you 16:03 Houch – […]


RAINING IN NEW YORK Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix Sleep & Rain mix More RAINING IN mixes – Tracklist: 0:00 abnormal norman – livinginmyhead 1:46 Tony Thriller ✪ – Infinite Memories (Memoriae) 3:56 w00ds – october 6:43 TRA$H – Gone 9:10 Kasper Lindmark – Intimate 10:15 spencer hunt – i just want it to stop. 12:57 […]

Be alone – lofi hip hop mix

● Spotify Playlists : 🖤 _______________________ 🖤 _______________________ 👁Art (Author Unknown) ●edited by Dreamy : Dreamy _______________________________________ ⭕Tracklist: 00:00 LUQĘT – PRΛY 02:28 acxle – tears 04:40 VNPR – dreamer 07:11 Kalon – Fake 08:11 Kalon – Rainy Days 09:50 nosubject – epilogue ep 11:46 gleamBeat – Mélancolique 14:17 Satin.Cherry – ayanami. 15:38 […]


RAINING IN RIO Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats mix Sleep & Rain mix Tracklist: 0:00 SPEECHLESS😶 – Keep On Going  2:23 Harrlin – Marine Drive プに俺 3:36 SPEECHLESS😶 – unwanted 5:42 Jay-Lounge – A Walk In The Rain 8:37 Kayo カヨ – Mistaken 10:56 Jay-Lounge – Close Your Eyes 13:38 odneme – +SOMEWHERE,~SOMETHING 15:48 DY – Lysergic Artwork […]
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