Jagal Sangkakala – Mantra Pandawa (Official Video)

A Hiphop Group from Bandung, West Java, INA..first single from first album called “Mantra Pandawa” 2015 Member : Procezz, Tru Aim, Jism Brajawaluya, Luo Endo, Dj Gimz Chronicle Grimloc Record Video by : Indra Domdom Gandhiholic source

DJ Fly (France) Showcase @ DMC World Finals 2012

DJ Fly (France) Showcase @ DMC World Finals 2012 The Forum, Kentish Town source


DJ FLY DMC WORLD CHAMPION 2013 on Gold Turntables DJ FLY – Site officiel Production : La Mescla Director : Julien Penichost Camera operators : Origan Fossard, Thomas Leroudier, Matcha Script supervisor : Axel Folliet Editor : Julien Penichost Special thinks to : Koreprod, Laurine, Le Sucre’s team (Gaétan Bouvachon , Youenn Madec, Cédrick Dujardin), […]

Invisibl Skratch Piklz- The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol.4 FULL ALBUM

TRACKLIST: 01 Hip Hop Slam Intro 0:00 02 Kan’t Skratch 1:48 03 King Tut Toad Kut 6:14 04 Woo Hah! Come On Hit. Yeah 10:15 05 Whaddyawant? 13:58 06 Fight Wars 16:20 07 Wrist Wreckin’ Skratch 19:03 08 Flare Fresh Flare 20:03 09 Very Good 24:08 10 Tone Mind Zone 27:51 11 Disk Disses 31:57 […]

Dj Englezos – Red Bull Thre3Style 2015 Submission | Cyprus

#FollowtheVinylist : https://www.facebook.com/DjEnglezos : https://instagram.com/djenglezos_followthevinylist/ : https://soundcloud.com/djenglezos : Red Bull Thre3Style Lucky Bastid 2015 Submission TRACKLIST: 1. (Dj Englezos 300 Violin Intro) 2. DMX – Party Up (Ruen & Mister Gray Remix) / Yellow Claw – Dj Turn It Up / LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out 3.Inner Circle – Bad Boys […]

Rebellious Messengers – The Sound of Cork Rap (Irish Hip Hop)

A short documentary on the rap scene in Cork. Special thanks to Dr. Charlie Cullen. source

Serato presents, Swindle at ADE

We caught bright spark Swindle at ADE last month where he treated us to this unique routine at Walls Gallery in Amsterdam. It’s a delirium of jazz riffs, UK funky-inspired rhythms and hard-hitting grime cuts, all featured on Swindle’s latest album Peace, Love & Music which you can purchase. Read more: https://serato.com/artists/swindle Watch the producer-maverick […]

DJ Kentaro performing at The DMC World Finals 2014, London.

DJ Kentaro (2002 DMC World Champion) showcasing at The DMC World Finals 2014 @ The Forum, London. www.dmcworld.com www.facebook.com/dmcdjchamps www.facebook.com/dmconlinedj www.twitter.com/dmc_dj_champs www.twitter.com/dmcdjonline source

JFB DMC champ's 60 minute dubstep, hip hop, D&B, and turntablism mix from DJ Mag HQ

Check out DJ Switch’s Set: http://bit.ly/1lr9eiW Subscribe to DJ Mag TV: http://bit.ly/Oduqwo Live DJ Sets: http://bit.ly/1scs9lo DJ Mag Documentaries: http://bit.ly/1pW95WL JFB DMC champ’s 60 minute Dubstep Hip Hop D&B Turntablism Mix from DJ Mag HQ. Check out our other DMC Live Streams: The rest of our live streams can be found here: source
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