Herbie Hancock – Come Running To Me

Herbie Hancock – Come Running To Me From “Sunlight” 1978 Herbie Hancock -Keyboards, Synthesizer, Rhodes Paul Jackson – Electric Bass Harvey Mason – Drums Terry Adams, Roy Malan, Nathan Rubin, Linda Wood – String Garnett Brown, Robert O’Bryan – Brass source

The Treacherous Three feat. Kool Mo Dee – U.F.O. Sugar Hill Records 1985

B-Side from the 12″ Single “Turn It Up” Original Recording in 1983 Special thanks to D.J. Chris “The Disc Wizard” Resident Dj (1983-1986) from the Club “Regent” in Augsburg/Germany, who give me that Record. source

West Street Mob – Sometimes Late At Night

West Street Mob – Sometimes Late At Night == 1981 === Lyrics : Sometimes late at night you say you love Even if you don’t well I guess that it don’t matter Very much it all Sometimes it don’t matter… it all Fairy times you just so far to love me I don’t know who […]

JL & TOF Jok'travolta de Jok'air

Jok’Air, de son vrai nom Melvin Félix, alias Jok’ Pololo, Big Daddy Jok , né le 23 septembre 1991 à Paris, est un rappeur français. Il démarre une carrière solo le 20 janvier 2017 en sortant le titre C’est la guerre, extrait de son premier EP Big Daddy Jok, sorti un mois plus tard, le […]
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