Wild Style – Busy Bee Stabsky & Rodney Cee

Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=968CE848ECC4CF7D Wild Style – the Movie (1983) source

Triple G – "列車" [Audio]

Official Audio of ‘列車’ by Triple G. Prod. by Canvas Piano: Kingston Bass: Mexco Leung Cover art: Sandy Wang https://www.instagram.com/triplegiggle/ source

YoungQueenz, N.O.L.Y, Floyd Cheung – "龍鎮 II DragonTown II" [Official MV]

龍寨 EP / DragonTown EP http://smarturl.it/dragontownep Directed by OZMA DP – Swing Prod. Floyd Cheung source

GrymeMan – "血債 (Take it in blood)" [Audio]

Official Audio of ‘血債’ by GrymeMan. Prod. by GrymeMan #GrymeMan #Wildstyle #撒野作風 source

Mike Waves – Floating [Audio]

#420 #420 #420 #420 Download at 我點會介意chill多飛 super lemon haze 定 super silver haze I’ll let you kill the J 感覺開始飄起 慾望經已被挑起 Been smoking weed everyday 我仲未知死 Never stop hustling cuz it’s grind time 白色Mercedes you see me drive high Hands on my wheels 好似高橋啓介 See them haters hating 幾貴都叫抵晒 世界 吳宇森式慢鏡 逐格播 但撒野製造 陸續發貨 […]

Room307 – "背山望海" (Audio)

Official Audio of ‘背山望海’ by Room307 Produced and composed by room307 Written by Room307 https://www.instagram.com/allexchan/ Get merch: https://wildstylerecords.bigcartel.com/product/room307-cassette-tape https://wildstylerecords.bigcartel.com/product/room307-t-shirt source

YoungQueenz, N.O.L.Y, Floyd Cheung – 公廁 Gungchi [Official MV]

Official video of “GUNGCHI (公廁)” by N.O.L.Y & YoungQueenz Directed by OZMA DP : Swing Prod. by Floyd Cheung Soundcloud: https://goo.gl/BZPiqS Instagram: @hglf_noly @youngqueenz @floydcheung ENTER THE DRAGON TOWN I source

YoungQueenz, Matt Force, GrymeMan – '12 'TIL INFINITY [Official MV]

’12 ‘TIL INFINITY – YoungQueenz , Matt Force, Grymeman Beat Produced by GrymeMan Directed by Rick.H Mixed by MicLi Associated with Division One Innovation Big shout out to FloydCheung Wildstyle https://wildstylerecords.com/ http://www.facebook.com/WildstyleRecords Division One Innovation https://www.facebook.com/DivisionOneInnovation #YoungQueenz #Mattforce #Grymeman #Wildstyle #撒野作風 #WSR source

YoungQueenz / OTAKU MOBB – “ 水原希子 Kiko Mizuhara ” [Official MV]

Official video of “水原希子 KIKO MIZUHARA” by 御宅MOBB – OTAKU MOBB, side project of YoungQueenz. iTunes:https://goo.gl/drnUkd Spotify: https://goo.gl/uxuQY7 ” 御宅 – OTAKU MOBBIN’ ” Mixtape is now available : Soundclound: https://goo.gl/y5HHhR Bandcamp : https://goo.gl/m5vqs4 Prod. by Floyd Cheung Mastered by Rem Directed by OZMA Director of Photography : Swing YoungQueenz https://www.facebook.com/youngqueenz https://instagram.com/youngqueenz Tweets by YoungQueenz_ […]
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