YoungQueenz, N.O.L.Y, Floyd Cheung – 公廁 Gungchi [Official MV]

Official video of “GUNGCHI (公廁)” by N.O.L.Y & YoungQueenz Directed by OZMA DP : Swing Prod. by Floyd Cheung Soundcloud: Instagram: @hglf_noly @youngqueenz @floydcheung ENTER THE DRAGON TOWN I source

YoungQueenz, Matt Force, GrymeMan – '12 'TIL INFINITY [Official MV]

’12 ‘TIL INFINITY – YoungQueenz , Matt Force, Grymeman Beat Produced by GrymeMan Directed by Rick.H Mixed by MicLi Associated with Division One Innovation Big shout out to FloydCheung Wildstyle Division One Innovation #YoungQueenz #Mattforce #Grymeman #Wildstyle #撒野作風 #WSR source

YoungQueenz / OTAKU MOBB – “ 水原希子 Kiko Mizuhara ” [Official MV]

Official video of “水原希子 KIKO MIZUHARA” by 御宅MOBB – OTAKU MOBB, side project of YoungQueenz. iTunes: Spotify: ” 御宅 – OTAKU MOBBIN’ ” Mixtape is now available : Soundclound: Bandcamp : Prod. by Floyd Cheung Mastered by Rem Directed by OZMA Director of Photography : Swing YoungQueenz Tweets by YoungQueenz_ […]

YoungQueenz – 記憶 Memories (Prod. by Yeiv) [Lyrics Video]

記憶 Memories – YoungQueenz x Yeiv #Prod by Yeiv / Cult Classic Records Photo / Sama Live Photography 異常火曜日FULL MIXTAPE ON : DOWNLOAD FOR THE BANDCAMP LIMITED VERSION @wildstylerecords @youngqueenz #YoungQueenz #異常火曜日 #Wildstyle #撒野作風 #WSR source

Matt Force ft. YoungQueenz, GrymeMan – "死亡香" [Audio]

Official audio of “死亡香” by MATT FORCE ft. YoungQueenz, GrymeMan prod. by Matt Force lyrics: —— 2019.05.14 Release Matt Force -「MATT FORCE」 Self-titled & self-produced debut album 1. Man In The Shell 2. All I Need Is… (feat. N.O.L.Y) 3. 死亡香 (feat. GrymeMan, YoungQueenz) 4. Raincoat (feat. GrymeMan) 5. 20 6. Roll That (feat. Mike Waves) 7. Beat […]

Triple G, Simon – 梅厭芳 (Remix) (Prod. by Canvas) [Official Audio]

香港X台灣 WILDNESS , HGLF Posse , 蘭城 Lantown 聯合 ! 收錄於 HGLF Posse HGLF mixtape 獲受好評的’梅厭芳’ REMIX 正式釋出 由撒野作風TRIPLE G 及台灣 蘭城 (Lantown) 新人王 SIMON 跨刀420合作 ! 梅厭芳 Remix / Simon , Triple G : Canvas Mix and mastering : MicLi Simon: 乍現的程度 像清晨的第一道曙光 展開救贖 怕我們的光彩太過搶眼 你得護目 我直述 將撲殺地下的那些過於猖獗 別再浪費的 子彈 他們說投降輸一半 苟延殘喘 的幾步路 […]

Matt Force , Mike Waves – Just Another Day [Official MV]

Just Another Day – Mic Li, Mattforce Re-sample beat by Unsensible / USB Directed by Rick Ho & YoungQueenz Associated with CrazyMoment production #Wildstyle Records #Crazymoment Production #Mattforce #MicLi #撒野作風 #Wildstyle #WSR source

YoungQueenz, N.O.L.Y, Floyd Cheung – "獅子麒麟鳳 Shiji Keilun Fung" [Official MV]

龍寨 EP / DragonTown EP @youngqueenz @hglf_noly @floydcheung 獅子麒麟鳳 Shiji Keilun Fung (Official Video) by YoungQueenz, N.O.L.Y & Floyd Cheung Director: Ozma DP: Swing source

GrymeMan – "玩火 (Fire)" [Audio]

Official Audio of ‘玩火 (FIRE)’ by GrymeMan. Prod. GrymeMan Instagram @grymeman source
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