Talib Kweli – Get By (2002)

Talib Kweli – Get By (Music Video)

Music video by Talib Kweli performing Get By. (C) 2002 Rawkus Entertainment LLC



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  1. Nov. 2019
    Shout out to those that fought to the end and didn't get by, had no fight left and didn't get by, those that knew no matter what they wouldn't ever get by, those that have up and didn't get by, those that had shit so fucked up happen to them it fucked they whole head up and couldn't get by, those with mental health issues and won't get by cuz they won't get the help they need and family will throw em away and blame it on drugs, those that are living great and have it snatched away in the blink of an eye….
    Those living and can't fathom it happening……
    Those realist that know everyone doesn't always get by …..

  2. As a 14 year old nerd, when I heard him say " we go through Episodes 2, like Attack of The Clones " I knew I found another favorite artist. Killed me. Kanye murdered this beat. The video with all those early 2000 skylines and the streets with all those early 2000 streetviews elevated me to another plane of being. Post 9/11 early teen era stand up

  3. I was way too young to appreciate this song. This one and Common’s The Corner are some good ass tracks. I didn’t like this back then but now it’s a completely different story.

  4. Attackin the system and and Latins in prison.

    My people we have to organize labor unions, community organizations and political parties to voice our opinions, have a seat at the negotiating table. Self-organizing. We can’t depend on others to help us

  5. Never heard of this guy before he popped in a Spotify playlist today. I've been a fan of rap since 2011, and just today I heard of him. He reminds me to NAS kinda.

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