Tech N9ne – Don’t Nobody Want None – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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Tech N9ne “Don’t Nobody Want None”
Spotify –
PLANET | 03.02.2018
Official Hip Hop Music Video | Strange Music

Produced By: Michael “Seven” Summers
Scratches By: Spinstyles

Tech N9ne takes it way back for the B Boys and DJ’s with
“Don’t Nobody Want None” from his album – PLANET!

Planet –

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Sergio Garcia –

“Nino” Daniels –
“Lukky” Harvey –
Gabriel Rosario –
Caleb Brauner –
Frank Pham –
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Phi Tran –
Zen Nguyen –
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  1. Damn man he was fucking an taking pics of lil boyz… Wtf how could this be we let to much shit go on under the radar we as a whole needa be More involved an ask more questions when ever you think sum is sign or acting deffrent

  2. You know you been around a while when so many people have never heard planet rock. Yes I am talking to you down in the comments, this is not a new beat! Thank you Tech for reminding me that I'm old. Oh and for the bomb ass music!

  3. ill say this out of the new school rappers tech and his crew are one of the few i have any respect for. this man tears shit up. hes really good.

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