Terawrizt – Forget Me Not – Produced by Mathman

Produced by Mathman

Been a while since i dropped a new track that wasnt on an album,just one those getting shit off my chest rants

To check out Mathman and scan some beats go to :

Shout out to Mo-K on Speakerboxx



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  1. if Mathman produced this it's a rapid beat where's the new album now can I have it for free.will ya hear one of my tracks i started last week.Now lets hear this new terawrizt song………Oh SHIT!! !! lol

  2. @FitzG9
    if music is good, when vid is finished, you sit few minutes with your jaw open, trying to recover from hearing ultimate rhymes, so in my opinion, it would be better if they put those ads in the end of the track

  3. @Mimetic21 yeye my ipods been mostyly filled up of the irish tunes ,he got me at Own worst enemy havnt been listening to much else since i discoveared there was more to irish rap then Redzer (that isnt a diss on Redzer by the way)

  4. @YoungWayne310 lol you fkin fool 100 times better than lil gayne terrawrizt not fake lil wayne is i cant beilieve
    lil gayne grew up near c-murder now he a real artist unlike that fkin fool

  5. good stuff !!! ( but fuck that illuminati symbolism shit we got to much of that shit in the States) keep up the great work take a look at one of my homeboys
    search Defrock-battle yell official video. you will like what ya hear

  6. haha fuck that, wont catch me on the payroll performing secret handshakes and ritualistic sex acts etc.. down wit baal!! wait.. i think i hear the black helicopters coming to get me!! SKETCH

  7. @ciaranDavies haha we do what we gotta do bro, at least if u notice the A in mine is a pyrimad it means u will spot it everywhere else bud

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