Terrafirma ft Klashnekoff – Wrong

Terrafirma ft Klashnekoff – Wrong (vinyl, audio)

sick tune blud



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  1. World's most underrated mc!poor ourdays youth:they only know lil and bitches like him.We were lucky to have artists as klashnekoff parker jehst and so on to make us discovering real hip hop.peace from France

  2. dedicated to them jankros. wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssteman he was…. all about fuck them jankros. to think i got dis cd in my car.. getting dashed.
    globalfaction channel real music!!

  3. Pshhhh they're good, but the best and personal fav is Taz. U might rememba him from back in the day when Channel U was half decent. Check my channel I just uploaded his album.
    Peace .M.

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