http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-aboriginal-criminal/id338589562 ABORIGINAL RAP ARTIST ANTWON..

You know wat time it iz!
were ma crookz at?


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  1. unity motherfuckers fuck this raceist shit in the comments divide and rule thats how they control us the govermewnt dont be a tool unite and fight be hardcore in the dictionary meaning

  2. no disrespect to mr.morgs and young warriors but use should be on stage with em bruzz never give up its hard all ya wanna do is rap and no body wants to listen and says wee tryn to copy africans but bull shit koori dont need no mixer to rap all we need is some fukkn klap stiks and a didj or a noonga with a big diti to slap on and we can flow to the beat of that

  3. @nikaoam
    your so racist and pathetically ignorant you try to tell people their race does not exist if they have dark skin or 5% black……. i suppose its the type of mentality a mixed raced person like you who tries to identify himself as black would have to take.
    Obama for example is HALF white and calling him black is as stupid as calling him WHITE.

  4. @Prayn4Rune
    here you go again trying to claim every other race.
    i suppose Indians, Arabs, Thai etc are all black to?
    you dont see white people claiming ownership of Mexicans, Chinese, etc .
    for your information ALL races come from Africans skin color is irreverent .

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