The 3 O'clock Flow with The Beatnuts at Queens Comfort

By now, all of you who’ve been following my facebook posts already know about the friendship I’ve developed with Psycho Les (#Beatnuts) since age 12. You’ve heard the stories of he and I being taught how to DJ by my older brother John aka Uni, us starting our own breaking crew (LOL!) and even releasing an independent single on MADD Records called “Ill Tempo” (what up John L Bailey) as High Schoolers. Les’ relevance in my life as a friend and colleague has already been cemented. What most of y’all probably don’t know is the pivotal roll the other Beatnut, Juju, played in my long career as a DJ.

Before Juju ever entered the picture, myself and Les used to run wit’ a dude named Mauricio (DJ Loco Moe) who lived in Les’ old building on 94th Street in Jackson Heights, Queens. Every now and then the 3 of us would go record shoppin’ and sit in Les’ living room listening to records together. Unbeknownst to us, when Mauricio wasn’t hanging with Les and I, he was chillin’ with a dude named Juju who at the time was runnin’ wit’ the #NativeTongues. Y’all may of heard of them, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest…

The thing about Ju was while Les, Moe and myself were too busy dissecting EZ Gee’s scratches on “Pump That Bass” (Original Concept Crew), Juju would embark on these physical excursions to the various record stores around New York City diggin’ out dusty vinyl bins in search of the original sounds being used by DJs like EZ Gee. Basically, Les, Mauricio and I were DJs who went record shopping. Ju on the other hand was an avid record collector who would pride himself on knowing the source of all the music our favorite Hip Hop artists/producers were sampling at the time. And on these record treks Ju would find diamonds in the rough. I’m talkin’ joints that were untouched, unheard and he’d hold on to them knowing one day he’ll get his foot in the proverbial door and produce hit Hip Hop songs like his favorite producers before him.

And so when Moe eventually introduced Les to Juju a musical connection between those two was inevitable. Years later they became #thebeatnuts (*honorable mention to Afrika from the Jungle Brothers for naming the group).

To my nigga Les, we did it fam! All those days of DJ and B-Boy practice, all those days of sittin’ up till the wee hours of the night listening to Red Alert, Chuck Chillout and Marley Marl while we talked on the phone about the music they played, all that money we spent on studio time, paid off! This here video is evidence of everything I just said!

To my big brother Juju, You were the first ghetto famous person I ever knew! As kids you were a Queens hero to me and all my friends. I’ve always looked up to you and still do. I used to tell dudes, “you know the guy in the black hoodie and shorts in Tribe’s #CANIKICKIT video? I know him. He’s my friend.” LOL! I still remember the stories I used to hear about you from people in the neighborhood, “yo Rob, you know Juju runs with the Jungle Brothers right?” It was always dope to me that the dude who’d come visit my brother and I on 89th Street and 37th Ave was the same dude who sang the hook on Main Source’s “He Got So Much Soul”. But BIGGER and DEFFER than all that shit I just said is the fact you were thoughtful enough to introduce an 18 year old kid to Andrew Venable aka Dr. Butcher. On the reals Ju, that move right there changed my life B! I can confidently say I wouldn’t of accomplished all I have as a DJ if it were not for my relationship with Drew and you served as the catalyst for that to happen. Thank you sir!

The trio you see rockin’ together at Queens Comfort’s 5th year Anniversary have been runnin’ together for longer than some of y’alls time on this planet we call earth. As teens we did this out of the love for Hip Hop. Ain’t shit changed in adulthood. We still love this!

#thebeatnuts #specialedition3Oclockflow #thefunbRunch


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