The Library Music Film ‘The Champ’ Special

The Library Music Film ‘The Champ’ Special

The Library Music Film ‘The Champ’ Special
Ahead of The Library Music Film’s release later this year, we have a featurette on library legend Alan Hawkshaw’s B-boy Classic ‘The Champ’ featuring a host of Tastemakers, Producers, DJs, Musicians and good people!

To hear the track in full:

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  1. Are you going to mention how much of an impact library music had on NFL Films and the increase in popularity of the NFL due to their dramatic and exciting films that created moods from the music?

  2. The Mohawks The Champ is one of the Champ Hip Hop samples of the DJ's & B-Boys records back then and still it is now days. I am looking out for The Library Music Film 'Apache' Special by Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo band.

  3. It's not just "The Champ"… the whole album is something special… The Champ is just the icing on the cake. Not even Alan recorded another album with that signature 'walking organ' sound, so you have something unique in recorded music history right here

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