The O’Jays – I Want You Here With Me (1979)

The O’Jays – I Want You Here With Me

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Comment (41)

  1. Back when you could tell a woman exactly how you felt without being sexually explicit and it had a greater impact. Still bumping it 2020!

  2. Matt brooks hi hi hi my hott hott love matt brooks im very ready too come home too eveningish or in the evening for real baby yep yep hello hello my hott love mAtt brooks u really really really need to tell me if ur address is still the same i have written down so i really can go too the right address where ur really located at. So i really can find a ride real fast so i really can get too u real fast cuz i dont drive at all yes yes i wanna come home too u eveningish or in the evening for real my hott love matt brooks yes yes yes its all tru baby yep is ur address still the sami do have written down so i really can get too u real fast baby did u already say ok or k for me too come home to u and be with u forever and ever my hott love matt brooks love u baby i wanna come home too u and be wit u forever and ever baby yep yep yep its kristin tate ur cute fiance hello hello hello baby

  3. They don't make music like this anymore💙 do this love still exist" ???? Its missing in time of day 2020 where is at ??? im so glad to hear music like this " 💙 ThankYou " O'jays 🎶🎤

  4. Music that will never get old,the music will always be a jam ,the days when black peoples would enjoy each other stepping and jamming not killing each other.

  5. Cold winter night Chicago was last night the subways filled with the souls of the people that carry a song along the way to their destinations this song rang in the Jackson and state tunnel section as I headed to the north side this song got me their go head ojays!

  6. Long distance is hard, but patience, hard work, and faith is key to making it work ! If my man ever sees this, just know I love you baby and you mean so much to me. I'm grateful for a man like you ! 💖💕💖💕

  7. wooo hmmm jamming music 🎶 we're going tagged 💞 huh Selah prey mercy me repent talk to you eye true love selah 🔥 🔥 🔥 witt west hmmm jamming music 🎶

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