The Pioneers – The British Hip Hop Documentary.

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‘Nough of that. Now more info…

The Pioneers – The British Hip Hop Documentary
Blade, Lewis Parker, Tony Vegas, Blak Twang, Mud Family, MSI & Asylum, The Brotherhood, Parlour Talk, Mark B, Harry Love, MC Mello, Bury Cru, Fallacy, Gunshot, Braintax, Krispy, The Creators, DJ Vadim, Disorda, Dark Circle, Numskullz, Phi Life Cypher, Supa T, DJ 279, The Ruf, Taskforce, Roots Manuva, Aspects, Delirious, DJ MK, Rodney P, Icepick, Funky DL, Kela, 57th Dynasty, DJ Supreme, DFXO, Scratch Perverts and more…


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Comment (21)

  1. Loads of people mentioning British crews below, but we also have to acknowledge the influence of Brit Malcolm McLaren and US producer Arthur Baker in bringing hip hop to a wider UK audience. I think the Freez album IOU (produced by Baker and Robbie) was an important stepping stone towards a proper UK hip hop scene, whilst McLaren's Buffalo Girls was a huge hit in the UK. The true roots of hip hop in the UK go back to those days in the early 80s and the crews that followed like Broken Glass, Newtrament etc. came from a growing awareness of hip hop and the electro sound made popular here. Obviously the early US hip hop films were also influential, and later, Mike Allen's Capital show which helped influence and spawn a whole new generation of budding rappers and DJ's simply through bringing the US hip hop scene to London. the true roots of British hip hop lie in the period 1982 – 85. the likes of Mc Mello would I am certain admit that their own careers spawned from these earlier influences. I know Mello was a fan of the Mike Allen show because he has participated in the Facebook page dedicated to Mike.

  2. Chester P, always MC Mello, Rdney Panton done did,, this documentary and everyoneone in here are exceptional, but where is Jeff Tetteh? the absolute frontline of UK raggamuffin' Hip Hop,the originator of the true London style of hip hop,(if you disagree, i'd love to hear why and the justification) and also this is generaly London Hip Hop which I think is the finest, but when London rappers suggest that they are fine with Welsh, Irish & Scottish rap in the way they accept London Rap I hugely disagree with, I'm Welsh, I prefer London chat, if it's good. London has to understand and respect other areas of the UK, on the other hand they have to be on the money, i'll finish with the simple fact that UK Hip Hop is always based on Bionic. absolutely no doubt, nobody has ever come near Money Mad, that is/was the British Standard.

  3. Big Shout . Family Quest, City Limits Crew, Sargent Rock, Dizzy Heights, Jive Junior, Junior Gee, She Rockers, Galaxy, London Posse,Cookie Crew, Dave Cash C, Fingers, Sipoh [RIP], Up Rock, Zodiac. London All Star Breakers, Live To Pop, Broken Glass, MasterMind, X-Treem Team, We PaPa Girls, Angels Crew,  TO MUCH TO MENTION AND MORE UK PIONEERS, MUST REMEMBER LEST WE FORGET

  4. When I was sleepin' on the train
    Sleepin' on Meserole Ave out in the rain,
    Without even a single slice of pizza to my name."
    Too proud to beg for change, mastering the pain.
    When UK  niggas were calling US  rappers lame,
    But then jacking our slang."

    If it wasn't for US rap music, UK dudes would be trying to rap over Lord of the Ring beats(laugh) Every time they flow it makes me want to pop in a Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter movie! Some of it is nice but the Harry Potter types makes you laugh. I'm just being honest lol

  5. Pioneers? Only one real pioneer in the whole film…Rodney P of london posse!!!
    No sign of demon Boyz, mc duke, silverbullet, Derek b…a few other pionners of British hip hop!!!

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