The Police vs Grime Music – A Noisey Film

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Noisey presents a new documentary about London’s grime scene and its relationship with the police hosted by JME and featuring Meridian Dan, Jammer and Big Narstie.

In February, Just Jam’s event at The Barbican was cancelled at the last minute. It was an event that seemed to be yet another victim of the London authorities now notorious risk assessment procedure, Form 696.

Told through the eyes of Jamie Adenuga—grime outfit Boy Better Know’s tee-total, vegan frontman who was booked to perform at the Barbican—Noisey investigates what the reasons behind the sudden cancellation were. He speaks to lawyers, journalists and fellow artists like Jammer, Meridian Dan and Big Narstie to find out whether the prohibiting of grime music events by London police is a cause for concern, rather than a solution to crime in the capital.

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Comment (29)

  1. The feds have been harassing the yout dem since the 50's with the Teddy boys, 60's with Mods and Rockers, 70's with Punk, and the 90's with the rave scene…

  2. the problem is you get a bunch of kids who want to live the lives you rap. like great you’ve made it out of the hood , meanwhile every kid wants to stab you for looking at them wrong

  3. The argument about football is so sound. People have fights after football matches and this is much more troublesome and antisocial but the matches still go ahead every week with thousands of fans. Why is music any different?

  4. 2:44 Narstie – "oh shit" yeah, I'd be saying that too if I saw that ass 😛

    What made me laugh was the fact that this is a documentary, yet you have Narstie who just says whatever and usually it's funny, like he'll talk about something that's fairly important and makes a valid point and then afterwards, he stops talking about his valid point that he was making just to talk to some sexy ladies who are most probably chavs… Not that I care though 😂

  5. I'm from a varied musical background from EARLY and I grew up as the "white guy" at these so-called "predominantly black events" and from that I know firsthand that it's literally just an environment that's all love and good vibes..
    Equally, I grew up around musicians that play music on the heavier side and having been around at metal/punk shows quite regularly, I can tell you that there's a lot of "encouraged violence" at these shows and nothing ever seems to happen behind the scenes..

    It's discriminatory.

  6. Hey folks, shameless self-promo incoming.
    I need your help! I'm writing a thesis on Hip Hop, Grime and society in London and I am on the lookout for people who would be interested in being interviewed either in person or online. I need 5 more volunteers! if you fancy having a chat with me in person or online let me know! Spread the word xxx

  7. People are too quick to blame the authorities. When people misbehave time after time, the local government or the council are then put under pressure to do something about it. A good example: I live on a relatively quiet road, yet people think that it's ok to drive down it at 70 mph, even though there's kids playing about. So what have the council now done? They've put speed bumps on the road. People are nowadays taking the piss drinking and eating shitloads of sugar, it's costing the NHS millions a year treating type 2 diabetes as a result of this, what have the government done?: introduced a sugar tax on drinks. Now people are complaining. You/we can't have it both ways. If people behaved in the 1st place, it'd be all good…

  8. The police aren't just locking off grime/rap/hiphop/drill events, they have been shutting down events for years, they threaten the club owners with closure, they fabricate that they have intelligence that one of the artists or did have got beef, I have sat in a meeting with them when they locked off my event, subsequently the club dropped out 2 days before, despite offering company for extra police, metal detectors and non use of glasses, I lost money from this, some guys decided to set up a sound in a house and hold it as a house party and no trouble at all. It's a race issue and it needs to be happened, but it can't be fully challenged until lyrics are cleaned up.

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