The Rascals – People Got To Be Free

The Rascals  – People Got to Be Free

Check out the music of The Rascals, who have been fighting for civil justice for decades…

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School project for Ms. Jackson
Dunwoody High School

I do not own the pictures from the video. Pictures were obtained from Google.
I do not own this song.
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Comment (32)

  1. Too sad that we can't live what this song teaches. What a lovely, lovely world this could be. We could end this culture of hate that we have going on today.

  2. Greatest song EVER!! Unlike the songs today… what makes this song unique is that it focuses on the result or the what is good. The Universal Law says, whatever you focus on will expand. Music today focuses on the problem…. is it not expanding? Great Job Rascals! This song makes you happy inside also.

  3. I hope you will see this Fionn. Yesterday I went to a new restaurant opening in Nashville, TN called "Woolworth on 5th" It is a tribute to and is located at the original site of the "Sit-Ins" which led to the integration of lunch counters and I believe you have a picture of it in your video. Additionally I got to speak with Felix Cavaliere from The Rascals today and we talked about this song and about the hope that young people can still find inspiration in the words. How amazing that I happened upon it tonight! Can you let me know the city where this school is located? It's a great project and so well done!! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  4. One of the most inspirational songs of all time! I think so! Felix and Eddie are great songwriters. You can the passion in their vocals! One of my favorite Rascals songs! Love em!!!

  5. Its shameful that we haven't been able to live the simple truth of people Just wanna be free. A great song with lyrics for today and for lifetimes to come. I cannot see into the future, but it is so simple to me.

  6. Ms. Jackson, what a fine assignment. Fionn, excellent job.
    I've seen the Rascals several times and talked with Felix. I'm sure he and Eddie enjoy this video.

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