The Swedish Chef Throw Down to Rapper's Delight

“I’D LIKE TO SAY HELLO” seems to be the fan favorite here in this Swedish Chef throw down on Karaoke night, with some Old Skool raps yo.

I personally love the look Beaker has at 00:08. That stunned look of fear and astonishment gets me every time.

And the surprising revelation in the Beaker and Professor relationship has fans wondering, are they friends of Dorothy?


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  1. I have been looking for this moment ever since I saw it on TV.

    Swedish Chef performing a karaoke version of Rapper's Delight is one of those things I never knew I wanted until I received it.

  2. No wonder this show died so quickly. Suggesting that two beloved muppets were late for work because they'd been having a drunken gay encounter? Nice job.

  3. from all the comments it seems like people were totally unaware that there was a muppet show on tv last year that was comedic gold. Maybe thats why it got canned. 🙁

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