the truth behind the LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee beef

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  1. Dude you done lost your mind obviously your favorable to LL I grew up in that era live through it remember all of them vividly Kool Moe Dee's tracks killed LL… every one of them!!!.. even the first one "How You Like Me Now" killed it from the beginning, nothing LL did diss wise could compare to Kool Moe Dee's diss tracks!!!! 2 different rap styles! Apples to Oranges!!!

  2. I really Respect Rappers who writes Their own songs KOOLMOE DEE Was one of the Best that Ever Did it his Free Style was off the dome many don’t know this but LL Had writers like BOB CAT Wrote I need Love & Bob wrote Jack the Ripper L had many Ghost writers

  3. Brotha your narrative is juvenile. Moe Dee had made it on pure skills. LL was new to the seen & claimed a Crown he never earned. Moe Dee would've smoked LL in a battle. Moe Dee one of the best to ever do it. LL was more commercial.

  4. It's obvious you're throwing mad shade at Moe Dee.. Who literally, lyrically ripped LL apart. Lmao.. ( I Go To Work ) Lol.. He went to work on Todd ass.. Lmao 😂

  5. Fact: Kool moe was the best rapper out at the time, LL came with Radio and got a Big buzz (song of the summer), Moe put out a challenge, LL wouldn't except, he start talking about, sells & being platinum etc., Told Moe Dee the He could only make singles, Hence the album " How you like me know", that included mad hits, LL had to eat crow again and he still would battle, Then he said the WRong thing and Moe Dee eat him alive. LL toke MOE DEE's advise and started making his image more female friendly, and that and Being on DEF JAM, keep him in the Rising light, while Kool Moe Dee being with Jive was the only reason LL.

  6. LL was so much better than Dee. I love both but Moe Dee is so basic, he delivers his lines like white people do when they try to rap. LL is smooth, hard and more lyrical. To be honest they both sound totally different, LL's style sounds nothing like Moe Dee. Plus look how long LL stuck around, Moe Dee faded off to nowhere as his last album was garbage. LL won the battle. I'm an outsider, I have no bias except based on what I heard listening to their music. I sure do miss the golden age of rap.

  7. All this LL vs. KMD is great and there is enough to say who won on both sides, but if you are talking about a diss track, the single most virulent and incendiary track ever put on wax is … ICE CUBE – NO VASELINE !! PERIOD.

  8. I Never understood how could one go to a Party "watch me", "Stand around and Jock me", become a rapper, "Then try to rock me". (Kool Moe Dee) THE PEOPLES CHAMP. FOH, L's his SON

  9. Fun fact: LL Cool J did respond to Kool Moe Dee one last time but with not a song but a verse. The song is "I Shot Ya" (After 2Pac was shot) insulting Kool Moe Dee afterwards…

  10. Dude what are u talk about LL said Moe D not on his skill set level he is still rhyming that abc type style And want to say it prehistoric and done But get no rougher was garbage The only reason y u said that because the industry want LL anyway

  11. This 19-minute video can be summed up quickly.

    Instead of showing love to the new young lion (LL), KMD got jealous and went on the attack.

    It’s so clear.

    KMD’s rap style was an easy-to-master type style. Choppy.
    LL flowed.
    The old lion just wasn’t ready to die… then he got “Ripped”!

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