The Underachievers – Lords Of Flatbush 3 (FULL MIXTAPE)

The Underachievers – Lords Of Flatbush 3 (FULL MIXTAPE)

The Underachievers – Stone Cold (00:00)
The Underachievers – Deebo (02:36)
The Underachievers – No Detectives (05:26)
The Underachievers – Packs (08:30)
The Underachievers – Wasteman (12:18)
The Underachievers – Tokyo Drift (15:08)
The Underachievers – Rowdy (17:48)
The Underachievers – Last Call (20:58)
The Underachievers – Randy Moss (23:58)

New project from The Underachievers “Lords of Flatbush 3” available now on DatPiff YouTube!


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Comment (41)

  1. Maybe we can get them some more exposure by getting them on Lost In Vegas? I can make a post but it has to get enough thumbs up to get there attention. Which song do you guys recommend to suggest?

    I will let you know when I posted the comment so ya'll can give thumbs!

    Respect to Underachievers, it is funny how you can inspire me and demotivate me at the same time haha damn.

  2. Don't know what happened to UA. They used to be one of my favorite's of all time now all these songs sound the same and they talk about nothing. What happened to the conscious life changing type shit? No disrespect just in my opinion they fell off.

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