The Villa – Time (Official Music Video)

This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time…..

Brand new single from Dublin based group – The Villa

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Music Video produced by Shaun Phelan


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Comment (23)

  1. Well produced, good intention. The lyrics tho. And the ultimate vibe. 'When I'm on the mic I spit my venom like a python'. Yeah, exactly, like a python. A non-venomous snake. No venom on the mic.

  2. I like the vibe and the concept, I just wish Irish artists would keep it real and rap in their own accents, this would sound so much more unique and there'd be more of a connection if they weren't afraid of their own accent

  3. The Villa are back on IRM TV!

    Leave this video a like to show support and give their social medias a follow, links in description 🙂

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