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  1. Group 3 had the wrong person in the middle, if they moved her back, they would have been better. The girl in the back right was the standout. BUT the 1st 2 groups were 💪🏾

  2. I totally love this! I am mesmerised watching it. They are all fantastic! Personally I don't care what colour anyone is and think it is a shame some folk are trying to turn this into a racist rant. All of these dancers were brilliant.

  3. Amen JaE Yah when will we learn. Stop teaching them! just like certain Asian culture want teach their secrets. We have to maintain ours! It's time for Africans around the world to unite!

  4. Y’all are ridiculous. Y’all are bullying kids because they are white. KIDS. The reason they aren’t as good as the beginning, 1) the choreographers are in the first group and 2) they’ve been dancing for longer. It has nothing to do with a 12 year old being white. Y’all are disgusting

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