Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul Won’t Stop Rapping About Drugs | TMZ

Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul Won’t Stop Rapping About Drugs | TMZ

DJ Paul says he and his rap group partners aren’t pivoting away from talking drugs in their songs — and to the kids who take their word as gospel … he’s telling ’em to wise up.


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Comment (47)

  1. Naw homie you tripping the devil worshipers be putting shit in your head glamouring drugs. They know most of us will get hooked like dogs. Very few can handle this and headed to prison industrial complex.

  2. These rappers are the reason why the black community is messed up because of the negative music. I'm glad that i threw away rap music and started listening to country and godly music.

  3. Sippin in syrup came out 2000 when I was a kid so no it’s not his fault plus half these kids don’t even know nothing about 3 six they just know juicy j that’s it!

  4. Literally the first song I remember by Three 6 Mafia was “Weed, Blow, Pills” in 7th grade. I already smoked for the first time by then (haven’t DONT the other two lol) but that didn’t make me want to try it. Fuck is up with folks blaming artists ?? I don’t get it

  5. Three 6 Mafia till I die! Also, at 1:30 Paul said straight facts. Like, I'm full of love to Memphis rap, especially from mid 90's but I won't do the shit this rap talks about. I just like how it sounds, like the Memphis flow and shit.

  6. I’m so sick and tired of folks blaming rappers for their kids bs. How about these rappers are not out here to raise your children!! Be a role model to your own damn kids. YOU teach them right from wrong.

  7. If your kids idolize entertainers then entertainers have an obligation to push a positive message regardless of how they live their lives. If you know that the things you say can lead individuals to indulge in life threatening vices you are absolutely obligated to warn of the dangers posed by said indulgences. The difference between actors and rappers is rappers go out of their way to explain how their vices is real life experiences, while actors know what they do is entertainment. Robert DeNiro never told anyone the killing he does on screen is representative of real life experiences. He knows what he's doing is an act. Rappers like DJ Paul, Lil Wayne, all these new mumbling, stuttering, drug addled idiots like Mr. Gucci Gang, do a disservice to the young, impressionable brothers and sisters who rock their shit. Take Bone Thugs N Harmony for instance. When they first came out they were about drug use, drug sales, vice and devil worshipping silliness. As their status as artists and role models rise, they changed their message a bit. Gone was all the drug use songs and the Quiga Boards. Replaced by a more positive message and a rekindling of their relationships with God. They humbled. They warned against all the stuff they did when they were broke thugs in the hood. DJ Paul is correct when he says that drugs will always be around and people will do them regardless. But he doesn't have to lead the gullible by the hand towards destruction. I'm just sayin'.

  8. The title of this post is misleading.TMZ is suspect.They clearly don’t want the kids to stop using drugs excessively.If I were Paul I would sue them.KIDS! SLOW DOWN ON THE DRUG USE! THIS IS ONE OF THE MAIN TOOLS OF WHITE SUPREMACY!!!!!! BELIVE IT!!!

  9. I gotta stay hiiiiiiigh til I diiiiiiiie is the original version of Stay Fly and I never did pills and shit hell interview Bizarre from D12 next lol.

  10. Yeah let me teach him the parents need to step up and let the kids know it ain’t the world is the problem it’s the parents not teaching their kids

  11. I love how people say rappers promote violence & drugs. Just cause someone raps about things they do. they're not telling you to do these things. And people need to take responsibility for their own actions.

Comments are closed.

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