Tina Turner – The Best (1989)

Tina Turner – The Best

Official video of Tina Turner performing The Best from the album, Foreign Affair.

“The Best” (often called “Simply the Best”) is a song originally recorded by Bonnie Tyler on her 1988 album Hide Your Heart (in the US the album was titled Notes from America). It was written by Mike Chapman and Holly Knight, and produced by Desmond Child. The single reached number 10 in Norway and number 95 in the United Kingdom.

The single was released on a CD in 1988 along with two rare tracks that Tyler recorded, “The Fire Below” and “Under Suspicion”.

In 1989, American singer and songwriter Tina Turner released a cover version that became a highly successful single. It was included on her hit album Foreign Affair. The saxophone solo on Turner’s version is played by Edgar Winter.

Holly Knight told Songfacts: “‘Simply the Best’ is one of those rare gems that’s a positive song, and it’s not cheesy. But the hard part is to write something in a positive mode that really is sincere — that’s a tall order.”

In 1992 Turner recorded “(Simply) The Best”, a duet version of the song with Australian rock singer Jimmy Barnes, to promote that year’s New South Wales Rugby League season in Australia. The single subsequently appeared on a limited edition bonus disc as part of the Australian release of her compilation album Simply the Best (1991).

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  1. A symbol of the possibility of having your greatest success, personally and in your work, later in life. If you keep working hard and staying true to yourself. An inspiration.

  2. I remember watching this as a child and it struck me how much she was beautiful, strong and free. When she's riding the horse OMG !!!! She did have a very hard life and she deserves all her sucess +++

  3. She looks more beautiful in this video then any other time in her life..imo..she just looks so confident and sexy and HAPPY..wonder how long she had been away from ike at this point.

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