Tom Francis DOPE NZ Rapper! Snoop Dogg, Tom Francis – Hollywood Reaction And Background Story

So with Tom Francis dropping his new track ‘Hollywood’ I thought it was the perfect time to make this video. This dude has Mad Skills and I highly suggest you check him out at the | Links Below |

New Zealand Rapper Tom Francis has collaborated with the likes of Twista, Royce Da 5’9″, Joyner Lucas, Dizzy Wright, OnCue and was just recently in the Studio with SNOOP DOGG! Working on a Track . To find out more check the links below 🙂

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| ~ Starve No More Music Video –
| ~ Tom Francis – Hollywood –

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All Rights Go There Respective Owners Tom Francis, Black Market Enterprise. I had direct permission to make this video.


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Comment (9)

  1. Why are you acting like he didn't pay you to do this this. You've been riding with him for ages. Lol.
    This is the very reason he has no love in the NZ Hip-Hop community. Dude pays for his features then tells people he's friends with these artists. Lol.
    If he was honest about how he come up he wouldn't get the hate he does in his own country. He's a boy still living off his rich daddy's wallet while he pretends to live the high life lol. Tom will get nowhere lol.

  2. #1 The reason I showed that I had permission from Tom to make this video is so that I didn't get a copyright strike from YouTube for using his audio ( As I have in the past ).
    #2 I made this video because I actually like Tom's song Hollywood and wanted to switch up my content a bit.
    #3 No money is involved I didn't get paid to make this and I'm not running adds on the video
    #4 As I clearly stated in the video I hadn't heard or seen Tom in years.
    #5 Don't attack me just for making a video on someone I grew up with and that has the same passion as I do. If you don't like the video then click that DISLIKE button.
    #6 I wasn't asked to make this. And I am making no gain from doing so. I didn't ask Tom to share it. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. I don't know every little detail of Tom's life you are acting like I just made this video to leech off of him. Which is proven not to be true. I'm a musician I don't want hate on my channel that doesn't even concern me. I'm in to making music that makes people happy.I have never asked for a hand out and do all recordings myself from home. Please just think about what you are gonna comment before you do. That's all I'm asking. Peace

  3. I think it would be an awesome opportunity for you and this guy to hook up and do a collab song it will give you more exposure. Dope beat and this guy can spit some bar

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