TOP 50: Hip Hop/Trap Japones de Marzo 2018

My Top 50 Japanese Hip Hop Rap Songs of March 2018
Mi Top 50 Hip Hop Rap Japones de Marzo 2018


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Comment (29)

  1. Es demasiado decepcionante escuchar el hip/hop actual japonés.
    No hay talento, y su trap es incluso peor que el americano.
    Donde quedaron artistas como Soul'D Out, Home Made Kazoku.
    Gran vídeo amigo pero esto es muy decepcionante.

  2. シンセやエフェクトを使った声ばかり貴方達はロボットですか?って感じ。こんなんじゃライブ行って幻滅するって思うなー、生の人間味のある泥臭いラップが聴きたい。

  3. For all who is disappointed in Jhiphop after watching this video, I dont blame you. And trust me when I say that Japan has some really good Rappers. This video just didnt include any of them. For starters check out Bron-K, Michita, Mouthpeace, 鬼, Ryuzo, 田我流, Ozrosaurus, Haiiro de rossi.
    Ill unclude some here.

  4. hei do you guys know some japanase rap storytelling song? i'v heard, but dont remember who is that, the tittle of the song is kanji, that why its hard to find.

  5. I had high hopes but 90% of these were cringeworthy, 5% were meh, and the 5% were actually good.

    In general tho, when it comes to asian hip hop, we should just leave it to the Koreans lol

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