Treacherous Three – New Rap Language

Treacherous Three – New Rap Language

Artist : Treacherous Three
Song : New Rap Language

Give the gift of music. Check out this old school hip hop gear…


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Comment (38)

  1. This was really advanced for 1980. This sounds like the influence for what Das Efx and Poor Righteous teachers would be doing a decade later.

  2. This is one of the illest songs of all time. This came out in 19 fuckin 80. 1980! How does this not get more recognition or have more views? Listen to the way they flowin, you can't tell me this song ain't influence damn near everybody who came out with complex flows, from Rakim to Kool G Rap. Still dope 34 years after.


  3. I was only 1 years old when this came out…
    This is SO ahead of it's time, I still play this. Today is 7/11/14 and I rode around and played this in my car allday!!!
    Bone, Twista, and any other speedy rappers, must give respect to this birth 

  4. Rapping existed before hip hop, and some breakdance moves too. And then came Graffiti and turntablism. Right after, there happened parties with all those together and the Zulu Nation movement. And then, they started to call it hip hop. That's what I've heard with the info in the internet. years ago I didn't know exaclty how it happened but I guessed so.

  5. Before turntables there was no hip hop. It started with the turntable break looping of Dj Kool Herc. Yes the breaks were recorded instruments. But there was no hip hop before turntables.

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