Trendz Of Culture – Valley Of The Skinz (Uncut)

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From 1993 Album: “Trendz”…..

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Representing Harlem, New York the group consists of members: Nastee, M.O.L. and Grapevine. The album was self produced with most of the credit to M.O.L.. The Song “Valley Of The Skinz” heavily sampled the track by Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine”
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  1. Please everyone go check out these lyrics I put on genius for this song……Please leave a comment(i,m only 17 so correct me if I made any mistakes.

  2. I'm ashamed no one ever Big this group up why they never made it to drink champs? I remember beating my meat to all the fly girls in this video thanks ladies

  3. I remember seeing this on Rap City at my boy house. 93 is one of my favorite Hip-Hop years, so many classic albums came out.

  4. DAMN THIS WAS THE JAWN BACK IN THE DizAY…(!!!!!!!!!!!) These are them slept on JAMZ most cats fo-get about… Slamming (When sh** was simple)—- Yah-meeeen (???)

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