TRICKED Featuring KXNG Crooked

TRICKED Featuring KXNG Crooked

Royce 5’9″ releases his latest video Tricked Featuring KXNG Crooked from “The Allegory” available now!!


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  1. Always white vs black nah us white people are deceived and fucked by the system too remember that srry ur people fall to it more but again that's on y'all damn selves

  2. Royce if u read this, man im from Grand Rapids and wanted to tell you that LALeakers freestyle was supa stupid. U on a level bruh. Goat rings. Im Emcee too so i truly see your growth. DopemannSCIENTIST prod and maddSCIENTIST saliva. My life never worked out to the point i could be heard. Im proud of Detroit. But its hard driving there everyday for work and visiting my pops knowing im so far from the brothers who could have heard me for at least a chance. Thats life.😔 definitely got tricked.

  3. This is the best song from The Allegory album in my opinion. But as far as Royce's line regarding autism…if he believes immunization/vaccines causes it, he is incorrect. I've never been vaccinated, and I was diagnosed autistic in my first three years. Even though my diagnosis is mild, I understand why people refuse vaccinations because of autism's severe behaviors. But most people still don't know the variety of autistic behaviors (both mild and severe) can be caused without vaccinations. Besides genetics, the true cause of it will always be unidentified. But it doesn't mean society should use it to spread fear or be stigmatized.

    Btw, I'm a very decent rapper if anyone wants to check out my music. I rap to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma and fears of autism, and encourage autistic people to stay strong and never give up despite obstacles.

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