TriForce – Walls (We Out Here) (Live in the Brownswood Basement)

TriForce joins Brownswood Recordings and Gilles Peterson in the Brownswood Basement for a special session, featuring new track ‘Walls’ from new album, We Out Here, released 9th Feb on Brownswood Recordings.

Dominic Canning – Keys
Mansur Brown – Guitar
Ricco Komolafe – Bass
Benjamin Appiah – Drums


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Comment (43)

  1. Like my 200thththth time listening to this masterpiece called music. Walls are either built up or torn down. Furthermore, TriForce indeed has the tools to do complete the mission.

  2. thank you 42 dislikes for reminding me that I hadn't given this video a like yet. Holy shit that bass playing is magical hearing it through headphones.

  3. I have been listening to a bunch of videos with Mansur for the last 45 minutes – Why is his tone/volume so buried in just about all of them?

  4. NEVER EVER give the effing camera to someone who has only listened to pop music. They don't understand that the musicians take turns soloing and we miss the whole thing.

  5. This songs is poppin!! Reminds me of Mint Condition, that singing guitar, drums, bass, the Rhodes all poppin!! I bang this joint everyday. I swear I can sing that lead guitar

  6. And as Power took the guitar, Wisdom the bass,Courage the drums, the Triforce was once again reunited and the evil reign of Ganondorf defeated

  7. HEY GUYS sorry for the spam, but if you could take a minute to stop by my channel to listen to my original EP: @. Please like and subscribe, THANK U !! <3

  8. Love it all. BUT, and not just because im a bassist, i felt like it was the slightest bit too soft for me. Im listening with good headphones, granted without a dac, and admittedly its a live recording. Just want to hear it more, sounded nice and crisp. Edit: (talking bout the bass).

  9. Hey There!

    I have a small jazz-funk project and would be very happy if you could have a listen. Who knows, maybe wou will like it! It's on my channel and free to download on Bandcamp 😉

    Cheers and thanks for your attention and time!

    Keep enjoying the Mansur Brown and Triforce!

  10. Dont know why but UK is the place to be if you want to listen a whole new generation of talented artists (Alfa Mist, Mansur Brown, Yussef Dayes, the Ezra Collective with Joa Armon-Jones and Femi Koleoso, Nubya Garcia….)

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