Trizz x Chuuwee – Time (Official Video)

Trizz x Chuuwee – Time (Official Video)

The 4th visual “Time” from the “joint” album Amerikkas Most Blunted” by Trizz & Chuuwee.

Grab the full album here:

Special Edition:

Prod by: AC3 Beats (@Ac3beats)
Shot By: Evyn Griffith of Aerocinepros! (@evyngriffith)
Email: [email protected]

Trizz – (@Tr1zz)
Chuuwee – (@El_Ch3z)


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Comment (28)

  1. This song and "May I" are definitely up there in terms of the best songs I have ever heard. The beats are Exceptional and the lyrics are phenomenal combined with a positive message. I hope these guys keep making music because we need more songs like these.

  2. Everytime i hear this song it bring tears to my eyes, but makes me to be a better person day by day. Play this at my funeral ❌🧢 thank you chuuwee and trizz

  3. Take tHe time out to breatHe be Human Beings.
    Just Being Human stress me out so mucH I wisH I Had some wings
    A Desert eagle tells me things she whisper softly in my ear
    soon as I pulled her out my jeans I squeeze her tits and let her scream
    Then bloods come rush the scene and circle me my little –
    and gave me brains right in the street
    She such a freak and she'll delete them niggas talking tough and tweet
    But I can't fuck with her no mo cause she just up and bust on me
    I told my fingers not to do it they was looking through the music
    Need the perfect song to do it too then H threw on the beat
    I think it rained that month and week
    The incest? ate and munched my feet
    The shit just ain't been jumping lately I slit them veins and jumped the creek
    It says I showed no signs of warning when I get sad I will not speak
    And they won't understand the one who did got took from me
    I watched two people die before I did the blame I took the heat
    I took some pills and blew some reef and blew my brains out in the street
    – If You don’t listen to Pac tHen you won’t Get it

  4. Trizz and chuuwee are one of the best examples of what rap is supposed to be, rhythm and poetry. And for some reason they are still slept on, I don’t get it

  5. Gotta keep ur circle small, everybody the type of person that will steal ur wallet and try and help u look for it type shit hard to find people that r genuinely real people everybody so fake nowadays, fuckin take advantage of u in a moments notice fuckin suck……

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