True Love Belgian HipHop

A Song I Made Once,,,Hahah :p

A Few Words May Vary From What U Really Hear

when i met u that day
i know u was meant to be in my life
and u was in it to stay

this thing that i feel
is so much different than all the the other thangs that i had in my life
it wasn’t just a one night stand
u gave me this feelign that i can’t understand

from day one i believed in us
so many different reasons why u earned my trust

u never betrayed me
never let me down
allways understood me
u took away my frown

u made feel alive while
i was already dead

why can’t u forget the things that i’ve said
i just don’t want to give up, the thing that we had

don’t now what to tell u about this
don’t know what i got to do, to change this

i know i betrayed u
i know i’ve let u down
but allways understood u
and took a away ur frown

give me chance to take away ur pain
this ain’t about losing its simply about gain
its’ a mad thing,, and true love is the name

u don’t have to end this,, don’t turn the page
u just need to think about what we had
every single day that we shared and passed
don’t turn your back baby it ain’t to late
if u leave me for good i’m forced to wait

this feeling,,is destroyin me

wish i could turn back the hands of time
baby u and me,,4 eternity


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  1. True Love 😀
    yo man you never told me you kan jump like that…. i was looking 4 someone to train with, 😛 wanna make a battle 😀 who kan it better 😛
    lol see you sun bro, XX ELVIS XX

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